Outcome of 7th installation/CHristmas Bazzar
We the members of Leo Club Sekolah Sri Lethia Klang would like to thank all who have attended our 7th installation at the Royal Klang Club we appriciate ur participation during the event. For those who were nt able to attend well its ok u guys are always welcme to attend our next one . We also would like to apologise if we had done any mistakes during the installation.

Well now since the installation is done and the new BOD for this physical year of 2009 and 2010 are fully installed we would like to carry one of our main project for this year end would be the Christmas Bazzar during the 22nd to the 24th of december 2009. This project will be carried out at Subang Parade from 10.30Am till 10.30Pm for the three consecutive days.Well that is one of our main events that we will be carrying out for the month of december and we hope that this event will be a sucessful one .

7th Installation of Leo CLub of Sekolah Sri Lethia Klang
Hey there readers i would like to inform you that the installation of our school leo club has been postponed due to technical problems. We also would like to inform you all that we will not be having a joint installation with Leo Club of La Salle Klang . Instead we will be having our 7th installation this are the following details of the installation :

This are the following detail of the installation and we extand our invatation to all the leo of all the District&Region.

Joint Installation Leo Club of Sri Lethia Klang and La Salle Klang.

Date :27 August 2009
Venue: La Salle Klang school hall
Time :10am to 1pm
Price: RM 8 per person

* Any information can contact our president, Jay Vishnu.
*All B.O.D is compulsory to attend !

New Leo Club Logo
As of today onwards, alpha and omega will have their respective Leo Club Logo.
Here's the previous Leo Club Logo which represents both Alpha & Omega Leo Clubs.

And now presenting the new Leo Club Alpha Logo.

along with the new Omega Leo Club Logo.